DV053 - Mistress Ordered Me to Do Black

DV053 - Mistress Ordered Me to Do Black
My Mistress makes me take the BIGGEST and THICKEST black cock I have even seen. She makes me lick his asshole and even stick my tongue up it as she beats me with her crop. But this black cock scared me. You can see the struggle in my face as I TRY and take his cock. My Mistress orders me to take ALL of this mammoth cock, so you see my face get bright red and tears fall from my eyes as I struggle to impale my mouth on it. I then get my cunt stretched so wide and far apart, I groan in pain. Since my Mistress made me take this black cock, I can only lay there as he splits me in half. She even tells him to fist me, and she WRITES on my ass, "Black Cock Whore" as I am sucking his cock. I get degraded constantly throughout this tape and all I can do is take it. Then he dumps all of his seed deep in my womb, and I get the "pump" and all that sperm is extracted into a plastic cup and then I have to drink it again and again, as I spit it back into the cup. I am brutally used by this MONSTROUS black cock, as he uses me any way he wants.......

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