DV008 - Sub Slut 4 Black Cock

DV008 - Sub Slut 4 Black Cock
I am collared and leashed then placed on my knees to orally service some big black cock. One guy has a tight grip on my leash and the other holds me by the hair as they take turns shoving their cocks down my throat until I choke. They make me beg for more, "Please may I suck your cock?!" My eyes are watering and I gasp for air as they ruthlessly fuck my face. I'm allowed to breath only for a moment while they squeeze and fondle my tits, but I want my mouth fucked some more. The face pounding continues until one needs some ball stroking. I rub his enormous nutsack all over my face as I try to catch my breath again. A third stud steps in and I swallow his dick until my face is buried in his pubes. The licking and sucking continues until the stud with the giant nutsack wants a ride. He sits in a chair as I straddle his cock and the other studs move right in to make sure my mouth is kept full. Then they dickwhip my tits while I ride that big black cock. Suddenly they stop and lead me to the bed where I can be fully spread and fucked hard. I moan how much I love their black cocks as I take a pounding and beg him to cum in me. He briefly pulls out and my pussy squirts. He gets gets more excited and starts pounding me some more. I'm still begging for cum. I finally take a couple of loads in the mouth while the other stud tortures my throbbing pussy with his hand and mouth. Again I squirt over and over until we are all finally spent. I thank them for their cum and cocks.

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