Dv105 - Pool Hall Slut 4 Black 1 & 2

Dv105 - Pool Hall Slut 4 Black 1 & 2
Pool Hall Slut 1

I was strapped to a bed and my husband left me there so he could go find someone to fuck me. He went down the street to a local pool hall and hit the jackpot. This guy came in and didn't hesitate for a second. Without a word he attacked my wide open pussy. He started with a good finger fuck and after he licked my pussy awhile, I finally got to suck his glorious big cock. I tried, but just couldn't get it all in my throat, so I needed to fuck him. I didn't know this guy, so I made him wear a condom. Luckily he had one, because I think I would have gone mad if I didn't get to feel his huge dick inside of me. I climbed right on him and rode him hard, cramming his cock as deep as I could get it to go. I rode him as I leaned back on his chest so my husband could see everything and boy did I get off! I soaked this poor guy good. When we were both finally spent, he wrote something on my ass. I think he was very happy he decided to play pool today.

Pool Hall Slut 2

My husband was out for a night with the guys so I figured I would take advantage of the situation. I met a guy I had played with before at a local pool hall and the two of us agreed that we would just play around a bit with no actual penetration. I gave him my room key and waited for him to show. To make things interesting, I brought along a mask for myself. I just love not knowing what's going to happen to me next. He finally made it, and he jumped right in when he saw me laying there all exposed and waiting. Unfortunately, he didn't take our discussion seriously, because he shoved his big cock inside of me as soon as he had the chance. Well, when he finished, I was scared that he might get me pregnant, so I ripped off my mask to see if he had used a condom. Wouldn't you know it, My husband was standing there with a video camera asking me how I knew this guy. Let me tell you, I hate being caught.

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