DV044 - The Complete Humiliation of my Whore Wife

DV044 - The Complete Humiliation of my Whore Wife
This video DEFIES description!!!! The ultimate in VERBAL and PHYSICAL HUMILIATION as Darian is passed back and forth as they use her cunt, her ass and her mouth! Watch as they hold her face so that her mouth is used as a hole to shove their black cocks in so deep that she chokes and gags trying to take them! You will hear them laugh and talk about her humiliation as they continue to punish her! They write on her marking her as a "BLACK COCK WHORE" write on her face, and watch as they mark the "TARGET SPOT" as you hear one of the men say- "BUST THAT ASS UP!" Her begging and pleading results in them taping her mouth to keep her quiet!! And watch as the "FAMOUS SQUIRTING DARIAN" does it again and again. Lyric is told to eat her until she squirts in her face as the black men laugh! She squirts so much that her body shakes almost uncontrollably!!!!!!!! Her ass is spanked and fucked by one man so hard that her "ASS IS BLOOD RED" from the paddle! Both men fuck her as they continue to shove their cocks into all of her holes!!!!! What this married whore does with a load of cum from a third man is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Such a "CUM SLUT" as she plays with this CUM! Blowing bubbles and letting it run down her face! This is a "MUST SEE" video! See why Darian is known as the "NASTIEST LITTLE SLUT ON THE NET!" This video has it all: oral/gagging/choking/anal/spanking/toys/humiliation!.........approx. 75 min.

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