DV116 - Ravaged Again

DV116 - Ravaged Again
I've done it again, I let my desire for attention get me in trouble. My brother's friend Glen stops by and asks if he can come in and wait. Apparently he'd been asked to meet him at my place. Well, Glen is a pretty sexy black guy so I'm kind of eating it up when he begins to compliment my ass. He asks me for a peek and I reluctantly agree. After all, it was kind of exciting and surely my brother, or my husband, would be there very soon. What could it hurt? I quickly found out just what it could hurt, he definitely wanted more than a peek. He grabbed me and started groping me as I begged him to stop. The more I begged, the more intense he became He dragged me into the other room and ravaged me in every way he could. He shoved his big cock in every hole repeatedly. He silenced my begging by shoving it down my throat until I gagged and choked. Then he shoved me face down on the bed to fuck me from behind. I reminded him I was married and my husband would be home soon so Please Stop! It must have just excited him more because he slammed his cock into my ass. The more I cried and begged the harder he pounded until he finally shot his load. He left me sobbing and spent after he took an extra moment to admire his cum seeping out of my asshole.

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